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Wave goodbye to leaky tampons and sweaty pads with an OrganiCup menstrual cup. Menstrual cups are inserted like a tampon to use during your period but that’s where the similarity ends. Made from medical grade silicone, the OrganiCup is a natural product that’s completely free from the unwanted chemicals that go into disposable sanitary products.

With no bumps or seams, the OrganiCup is comfortable to insert, wear and remove.  You can sleep, do sports and excerise and even swim with an OrganiCup.  With an OrganiCup, you can forget about your period and get on with your life in confidence.

  • Comfy to insert, use and remove
  • Made from hygienic, medical-grade silicone
  • Free from bleach, glue, perfume, chlorine, lotion
  • Use at night and for sports
  • Two sizes available
  • Storage bag included
  • Conforms to stringent FDA regulations

Easy to use – Easy to carry with you – Easy to clean

It’s easy to use the OrganiCup, simply fold it in half and insert it and wear for up to 12 hours.  To remove your OrganiCup, insert a finger and press against the cup to break the seal and remove using the ridged stem.  Empty the contents down the loo and wipe with a tissue when out and about, or rinse out in the sink when at home.  It can be sterilised each month in boiling water or sterilising solution.

It comes in two sizes:

  • Size A – for women under 30 who have not given birth vaginally
  • Size B – for women over 30,  and for women under 30 who have given birth vaginally

Small size A

  • Length 47mm
  • Stem length 17mm
  • Total length 64mm
  • Diameter 38mm
  • Capacity 23ml

Large size B

  • Length 49mm
  • Stem length 18mm
  • Total length 67mm
  • Diameter 44mm
  • Capacity 30ml

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