Loose Leaf Teas, Organic


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For multiples of 50g please adjust quantity accordingly.

Using a Flowery Pekoe tea from the Dimbula region in Sri Lanka this Decaffeinated English Breakfast is full of body. A high quality Ceylon tea is used as it retains its flavour better than others whilst undergoing the natural CO2 decaffeination process. With a balanced astringency and lovely floral notes, it truly makes a wonderful breakfast tea.

An amazing blend of green tea, herbs and botanicals combine to create a tea full of a Gin & Tonic flavour with not one drop of alcohol in sight! Your customers will love this tea spin on a traditional beverage with uniquely crafted flavours to highlight a lemon twist that will work both served hot or as an iced tea.

Rooibos (Massai) or Redbush Tea is the national beverage in South Africa, produced from the native red bush plant. Rooibos is grown in fields and only thrives in and around the Cederberg mountains close to the Cape of South Africa.Our Rooibos tastes mild and aromatic, contains no caffeine and does not get bitter even if brewed slightly too long. Rooibos contains plenty of Vitamin C and minerals. Caffeine free, it is suitable for all age groups and a tasteful alternative during pregnancy.

This very popular green tea has a dusty green appearance and is generally more acidic and less sweet than other green teas. It was originally produced only in the Chinese Jiangxi province but is nowadays also grown elsewhere.This tea has a bright flavour, light tangy sweetness, and a toasty warm clean finish, making it an excellent green tea during the day or night, with a nice well-rounded flavour and aftertaste.

Cup Colour: yellow. Amount of tea per cup: 1 slightly heaped teaspoon. Brewing time: 2-3 min. Leaf Grade: Spring / China

A cool refreshing caffeine free infusion made from Peppermint leaves.Peppermint has a pure natural menthol like character that refreshes and relaxes.Delicious after food, cleans and refreshers the palate.Cup Colour: green brownish.Amount of tea per cup: 1 heaped teaspoon.Brewing time: 5-6 min.Caffeine Free

Spicy sage cocooned with cocoa, blended with sweet Apple and fragrant rose petals and lavender flowers. A truly happy drink.Caffeine free.For multiples of 50g please adjust quantity accordingly.

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Decaf Tea, Gin & Tonic, Rooibos, Green Tea, Peppermint, Sweet Sage


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